Private Instruction (One-on-One)

Over the course of one hour a golf professional will help address any major issues you might be dealing with in your swing. You may already know what the issue is and need a fix or you might need an assessment, we can handle it all. Beginners and those brand new to the game can spend time working on fundamentals such as grip, setup, posture, and stance with the swing before wrapping up with some basic information about the putting stroke (and a little practice).

Lesson Series

A more comprehensive approach to improving your game, a six lesson golf series will build from lesson to lesson on the things you and the teacher find you need most. Your teacher may tailor your lesson to a skill or specific skills you're working on, a specific club with which you're having trouble, or combine several disciplines of the game in a session if that is what is required.

Playing Lessons

Take your lesson right out onto the course to understand how to play "the right shot," where to take risks (and where to play it safe), and how to play a complete round of golf from start to finish. There are variables on the course that just don't exist in the practice area and a golf professional can help you understand how to get the most out of your round.

Semi-Private Instruction (Two or More)

Interested in splitting the cost & time of a golf lesson with a friend or family member? Does a group from your office need a tune-up before the next corporate outing? Sign up for the semi-private lesson (2-4 golfers) through the regular process or contact us for larger groups (5-10) and we'll get you all set up for:

The One-Hour Semi-Private Golf Lesson (2 - 4 Golfers)

Great for beginners and more advanced players alike two to four golfers can take a one hour lesson together. Spouse, friend, club-member, you choose. Your group can undergo an assessment from the professional or if you have something in mind to work on let us know and we can tailor the lesson.

The Semi-Private Golf Lesson Series (2-4 Golfers - 6 Lessons)
A more comprehensive approach to improving your game, a six lesson golf series will build from lesson to lesson on the things the group needs most while continuing to fine-tine each swing individually.

Small Group Customized Golf Lessons (5-10 Golfers)

A customized combination of "how many" for "how long" that can be as short as one hour for up to 10 student focused on immediate swing improvement and the drills to take away from the session.

Half & Full-Day Golf Schools

These golf schools can be made available on request. We do not over drop in at the moment.

Please call and ask for more information: 800 733 1653