Bahamas Golf Programs

Junior Golf Summer Camp - Junior Golf Full Time Program

Adult Golf Instruction

Junior Golf Summer Camp at Albany

Summer Junior Golf Camp in the Bahamas covers a range skills and techniques including full-swing, short-game, putting and on-course training and tournaments. We round out our training with competitive matches, green reading, rules comprehension, shot-shaping discussions and more.    

Full Time Junior Golf Development Program

The full-time golf development program is the pinnacle of golf training capitalizing on world-class facilities and coaching. Physical training, coaching, and on-course play multiple times per week epitomize the training schedule and we use highly advanced technology to track and optimize it all.

Private Instruction with Mitchell Spearman

Interested in training just like a professional golfer? Mitchell can provide anything from a single full day of instruction to an annual programs based on the work he does with professional tour players. His commitment to your game is unwavering as he deconstructs and then reconstructs your game.