High Performance Junior Golf Development

Mitchell Spearman on the E.D.G.E Program:
“Thank you for taking the next step in your junior golfer’s future with interest in our E.D.G.E. training program! I truly believe that we have developed the best full-spectrum curriculum for junior golfers that has ever been seen and that it’s not only going to give your golfer the winning edge but change the way golfers become collegiate and professional champions. After spending more than 30 years as a golf instructor to PGA Tour players, celebrities, and some of the best junior amateurs in the game, I have noticed important steps that are often necessary in the training process, steps than can be missed if not carefully planned for, measured and executed.”

We are very proud of our junior golf full time player development programs at the Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy. It is a boutique golf program and we make sure each golfer gets the attention they deserve, never choosing quantity of students over the quality of golf instruction. We've also made sure our program is:

Year-round. We’ve developed a seasonal curriculum that focuses on play during the tournament seasons while concentrating on fitness and training in the off-season.

Flexible. We know that the life of a junior golfer is filled with more than just rounds of golf and buckets of balls, We offer hundreds of hours of training and YOU choose when you come!

A team effort. We bring the team concept to individual junior golf. We train together, go to tournaments together and learn together. But even more than that, the team concept includes family and coaches through the use of a collaborative online training space.

Technologically advanced. In addition to the online component we use ball tracking radar, video analysis and some of the best training aids available to ensure we capture data, measure progress, and evaluate effectiveness.

On top of all that we know that we can help our golfers with more than just golf by ensuring they stay home in their most formative years. We can assist in the recruiting process, golf resumes, college connections, tournament results and instructor recommendations. When it comes to golf at the next level we know that exposure in all of these aspects are necessary to make the difference.

Mitchell Spearman on the High Performance Junior Golf Training Program:
“This program is for those parents that want to take the next step in a junior golfer’s future. I truly believe that we have developed the best full-spectrum curriculum for junior golfers that has ever been seen. I have spent more than 30 years as a golf instructor to PGA Tour players, celebrities, and some of the best junior amateurs in the game. In that time I have noticed important steps that are often missed in the training process. Steps that are necessary and must be planned for, measured and executed. This program not only addresses every concern but gives golfers an advantage well into the future."

For more information about a full-time high performance junior golf program near you select a location below or email us at info@mitchellspearman.com.

Junior Golf Summer Camp      

Golf camp provides an opportunity for junior golfers to improve their game and interact with other junior in a fun and positive environment. Based on the experiences and best practices of Mitchell Spearman we specialize in junior golf and work with golfers of all skill level and ability. From those that want to learn the game, to those that want to improve to make the game more enjoyable and to those that want to excel and compete at the highest level, our camps have something for everyone.

Every camp will cover the fundamentals of the game and include full-swing, short-game, and putting. More advanced golfers will have the opportunity to practice course management and have detailed accounting of their golf statistics. We use video analysis, launch monitor data, and ample coaching to measure students’ abilities while making the lessons effective and enjoyable

After a complete assessment of the player’s abilities, individual practice programs are established for each student in addition to personalized lesson videos. With these tools in hand, the advanced campers are armed and ready to take on the challenges that competitive golf presents.

Junior Golf After School

Mid-week classes for all age and skill levels. Sessions cover putting and the short game, progressing to the full swing, and often include on-course play and instruction. Learn to warmup, what to focus on during practice, and how to best implement strategy on the course. Golfers may participate in a single session or every session offered.

Our golfers develop under a skill-level program that monitors progression using a series of assessments in the practice area to identify how skills translate to the course. Additionally, we believe that competition in the proper environment can bring out the very best in a player and we regularly hold competitions and tournaments for our golfers. While we never require a junior to participate in a tournament or competition, we may encourage it once the proper skill level has been reached.

On top of ALL OF THAT, we utilize the latest in video and instruction technology to actually SHOW our junior golfers what they are doing, what they need to do, and the drills to be successful. And you know what? IT’S WORKING! Many of our students have become highly ranked regionally, earned spots on their high school teams, or gone on to play college golf.



PeeWee Juniors & First Learners



We love to work with Pee Wees and beginners. The sooner your junior starts golfing the better.We make it fun and interesting from a young age and use proper clubs from the start.

With a high Instructor to junior ratio, usually 2-3 max juniors to one Instructor we give the attention needed to develop the interest and excitement for the game. From early on we get them working on all aspects of their game and quickly we transition them to being able to go out on the golf course to play.








Private Coaching



If your junior has never golfed before and they are older you may want them to start with a private class to get going and to get the basics down.

Our Instructors can be scheduled for Private Lessons outside of junior clinic hours. Some juniors just prefer the setting of a Private Lesson. These can be taken on the range or we can schedule them out on the course. Advance notice is needed for the course lesson and a 2 hour block needed.