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The very best in home golf simulators in the New York area. Call or contact us to schedule a visit and find the perfect in home golf simulator for you. We are located in Westchester, New York conveniently near Manhattan, New Jersey, Greenwich Connecticut, Rye Brook, Sleepy Hollow, and Scarsdale, New York. In home golf simulators are affordable, give you unlimited tee times, and allow you to play or practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Golf Simulators

Practice your swing at home with your own personal golf simulator.

Enjoy unlimited tee times from the comfort of your home with a virtual golf simulator.

Bring more customers and business clients into your office with your very own virtual golf simulator.

TruGolf indoor virtual golf simulators available in Westchester, New York have everything a golfer needs, and more!

At home, an indoor golf simulator means you can practice year-round in any kind of weather. Your business will enjoy increased traffic and revenue — be it a golf pro shop, an indoor golf facility, a bar, a pool hall, a bowling alley, a recreation center, or any other entertainment or sporting goods-related establishment.

TruGolf provides a broad line of world-class golf simulators with advanced swing analysis software that can be viewed and tested right here in New York. We have simulators installed around the world at country clubs, golf courses, in the homes of professional golfers, and college golf teams. Popular for play and also with those that want to improve their game! Design a room around your TruGolf golf simulator — you can even use the huge screen for movies and other family entertainment - and truly immerse yourself in the TruGolf experience.

Portable Golf Simulators

The Vista Series of indoor golf simulators by TruGolf are designed to be affordable and completely portable. Breakdown and setup is easy. Vista simulators are perfect for clubhouses during the winter. You can even transform your unused garage space into a full indoor golf experience affordably. Call us in New York to find the golf simulator that is right for you.

Full Size Golf Simulators

Our industry-leading line of full-size in home golf simulators includes the Signature Golf Simulator, the Premium Golf Simulator, and the Horizon Golf Simulator. These full-size arenas are fully customizable, and each comes with E6Golf simulation software. This software comes complete with incredible features like multiple play modes, a huge number of simulation courses from the E6Golf Course Library, and dynamic practice scenarios.

Just like a trip to the links, every visit to your Trugolf indoor golf simulator will be a unique experience. Even our most affordable simulator comes with 15 courses, and all but our most affordable simulators are upgradeable, so you can add courses for a greater variety. Whether your swing needs perfecting or you want to play for relaxation, our golf simulators are the ultimate in immersive golf simulation technology.

Ask us about an in-home golf simulator of your very own and we glad to arrange demonstrations at our facility in Westchester, NY.

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